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We are striving to produce as many grand champions as we can, while having lots of fun.
KT's Diamond Head--senior buck.  Thank you KT's Bunny Barn for allowing Blaine to purchase this AWESOME buck.  He is out of KT's Slipknot a Black doe and KT's Mengo, a Broken Black Otter buck.  The amazing thing his pedigree has nothing but Grand Champions in it AND he has two GC Legs.  We can't wait to finish this buck!  He will be the first bunny we have in our barn with an all Grand Champion pedigree including himself!  Albany will be his next show, hopefully to finish him!
EP's Apache--senior buck.  This buck has good depth and nice fur.  He is out of Katey, a really nice Broken Black doe and Johansen's Butch a nice Broken Castor loaned to Blaine to improve the fur and shoulders in his lines.  The judges really like Apache.  :)  He got one GC Leg at the Lane County Fair, 2011.
EP's Hermes--senior buck.  Hermes is a very nice compact, typey buck with very nice fur from his dam.  Blaine's top Broken Black doe, EP's Quinlan, Broken Black, was his dam.  She only produced one litter before we lost her.  Very big loss!  His sire is a Black buck, BriarWoods Harvar Law.  We kept Hermes sister, too.
EP's Ice Queen--senior doe. This doe has good depth and decent fur.  We will show her at one show to see how she does.  She is out of Aliceva's Angel Frosty and Grand Champion Gesswein's Purvis, both BEW's.  She is on the larger side so she will make a good brood doe to go along with our tiny BEW bucks. 
EP's Jingles--senior buck.  This nice little buck is out of our own brood doe, Whisper and Bunanza's Honky Tonk Hero.  He is developing nicely in type, fur and color.  Jingles could be our next Grand Champion Chinchilla buck.
EP's Mump--senior doe.  What a nice doe out of Muncy and Bunanza's Puddle Jumper, great fur and type.  She is probably one of the nicest show does we have produced out of our Chinchilla lines.  She is doing well on the show table.
EP's Manzanita--junior buck.  He is out SBR's Flower Girl, Lynx doe and Carvelli, a Broken Lynx buck.  Carvelli has produced really nice babies for us and Manzanita is another nice one.  His first show will be the MRFGNW in Portland, November, 2012.
LL's Red Fox--junior doe.  Foxy is from Linda Cooper's barn.  She is just a tiny doe now.  Her next show will be in Portland in November.

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