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Elk Prairie Rabbits

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In this area, we will include any links related to our business or that we think will interest you.  We may also provide links to other interesting shops you may want to visit.

The Farm Store
This is where we buy our feed (Pfaus'), straw, tray pellets (Cozy Den), nestbox pine sawdust and vet supplies.

Quality Cage Company
We love their 24 x 24 cages with urine guards for our brood doe cages.

Woody's Wabbits
All of our "condos" have come from Woody's.  We prefer Woody's show carriers.

American Rabbit Breeder's Association (ARBA)
We joined their organization and have received valuable information from this membership.

Mini Rex Fanciers of the Greater Northwest
This is our local membership for mini rex breeders.  The friendships this organization has provided are wonderful.

The Rabbit and Cavy Directory
A great place to find other breeders and/or resources.

LaReau Lops & Cavies

Quality French Lops

and Holland Lops

 from our Wisconsin rabbitry

Romine's Mini Rex
A lot of our show quality foundation stock came from Tricia Romine.  We are truly grateful for her help in getting started with these awesome rabbits.  We are very happy she is becoming active in the Mini Rex world again!

Noti OR 97461 *** (541)968-2165
25 miles west of Eugene