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EZ Dae's Batman--senior buck, Grand Champion, 3 legs.  Purchased from Jennifer Budde.  Thank you Jennifer!  Another foundation herd sire.  Has produced a really nice black doe for us, Black Satin who has since gone to live with Sarah Scott.

EP's Cisco--senior buck, grand champion (pending), 3 GC legs, real nice fur and sweet personality!  Out of Maverick (broken chocolate) and Nova so he will produce chocolates!

Romine's Sparrow--super nice doe.  I got this doe from Sarah Scott, too.  She is out of JC's Jetson.  She has both lilac and chocolate in her pedigree.  She produces very nice babies.  Other nice black doe Logan is using in his otter lines.

Jager's Moxee--senior doe, 2 grand champion legs.  Super nice doe purchased from Soni Jager.  I pulled her off the show string too soon.  I was new to rabbits and didn't realize you could drop weight off these bunnies.  Produced a broken black buck that got a BOSB in Myrtle Point, Oregon in April, 2006.

Sarah's Black Beauty--senior doe.  She has the same breeding as Black Charm, just a little older.  She will be used to improve our chocolate lines.

Sarah's Black Charm--senior doe.  We got this tiny little doe from Sara Scott.  She is out of lilac buck LL's Prince (behind most of our lilacs) and Romine's Sparrow.

Sarah's Gypsy--senior doe.  Nice doe I received from Sarah Scott.  We campaigned her lightly and decided she would do better for us in our breeding program.  She is out of a broken black buck and Sarah's Black Charm.


Jager's JR90 "Rocket Chip"--2 GC legs.  Our best buck in the barn.  We got him from Soni Jager.  Got first out of 25 in Redmond and runner up to BOB.  Produces as nice as he is and we are getting wonderful colors out of him.

EP's Trinity's Hope--senior doe.  Out of Rocket Chip and Flit (broken blue).  This doe looks very nice including her fur.  She did very well at her first show in Redmond, Oregon September 9th.  She received second out of 13 junior does!  Trinity is now helping improve our broken lines!
EP's Katey's Chips--senior doe.  Trinity's and Tollhouse Chips baby.  She is being used to improve our broken chocolate lines.  She has produced two nice litters so far!


EP's Tollhouse Chip - 1 GC leg, a real nice buck out of Jetson and our foundatin chocolate doe, EP's Cocoa.  Excellent color, good fur and nice type.  Great depth and width.

EP's Brandy Nudge--Grand Champion (pending), 3 GC legs.  A nice little buck sired by a Romine chocolate buck that goes back to Jetson and A&A's Paris a chocolate doe we got from the Corliss family, that goes back to Grand's Rabbitry lines.  He is producing nice typey, little babies. 

KT's Amee--Grand Champion (pending), 4 GC legs.  A small, typey doe we purchased from KT's Bunny Barn.  Thanks, Kathy and Pam.  Out of M&E's Famous Amos and Rosebud lines.  She is producing some nice babies for us including broken chocolates.

EP's Cosmo--senior doe.  Out of KT's Amee and Jager's Coins.  A larger brood doe, awesome fur and incredible depth.  She will continue our deep, rich chocolate lines.


EP's Kahlua & Creme--senior buck.  Out of GC (pending) Brandy Nudge and Sarah's Rosty (broken chocolate).  Very nice comments from all judges and  placed in the top five out of classes over 20.  Moved to our breeding program to continue improving our broken chocolate lines.

EP's Speckles--a very nice senior doe.  Out of Maverick and Frosty.  Tough to beat the broken blacks so we our putting her in our breeding program to further improve our broken chocolate lines.  Cathy Szychulda really liked the quality of this doe.


Romine's Frosty--senior doe.  Full litter sister to Prince above.  She continues to produce nice chocolates and lilacs for us.  We got this nice little doe from Sarah Scott.  Thank you Sarah.

EP's Tabitha--junior doe.  Out of Tinsel and Abra.  She competed well, and was retired for breeding due to lack of competition.
EP's Primrose--senior doe.  This doe is out of our former chocolate doe, Precious, who has produced some outstanding babies for us and Tollhouse Chip.  Her fur is so luxurious and she has awesome type.  We couldn't finish this doe because there was no competition in her variety.


Angel's Abra--senior buck.  We got this nice buck from Bruce Henirod...thank you Bruce!  Abra's sire is out of Jager lines and his dam has Cresthill's and Judon's lines including lots of whites.  He should improve our broken lilac lines very nicely.
EP's Enchantress--senior doe.  She is out of Cosmo and Abra.  I almost sold this doe by mistake and then realized I could use her with my lynx lines.  She is now one of my main test does.
LaRue's Hunter--senior buck.  This nice buck was given to us by Linda Cooper.  He will now be our herd chin buck.
EP's Starlite--1 GC leg, extra nice fur, senior doe.  Out of EP's Silver Bullet (Quincy/Lolli) and Romine's Pop Quiz.  She has done very well on the show table.  Watch for her babies on the "for sale" page.
EP's Golli G--senior doe.  Another baby out of Lolli and Ghost.  Despite her youth this doe did very well at the Redmond, Oregon show on September 9th.  She also beat Starlite at all three shows in Portland.
EP's Muncy--senior doe.  This is one of the last babies we will have out of Quincy (and Munchkin).  She matured very nicely and is helping improve our chin breeding program.


Di's Misha--senior buck, grand champion, 5 legs.  We originally got this buck from Dianne Gray.  He truly is the sweetest bunny in the barn.  Misha is retiring.  He is too sweet to send away!

A&A's Lightning--senior buck owned by Sarah Scott.  Thank you Sarah for sharing this buck with us.  He is out of Di's KK1 (Konrad) and Di's Lily Mae.  He was purchased from the Corliss family.  He carries the agouti banding we are working on in our lynx lines.  He is throwing really nice type and fur.

Sarah's Champ--senior buck.  We are waiting to test breed this buck.  He should be clean because of his lines.  His dam is Chloe and sire is Snowdrop.

Rosebud's Chloe--senior doe.  We got this beautiful doe from Sarah Scott.  She was one of the few lynx does that tested completely true lynx.  She continues to be one of our best producers of really nice typed kits!

Sarah's CD (Chole's Daugher)--senior doe.  This is another doe from Sarah.  She is very nice typed and continues to produce very nice kits for us including RhapCD on our show string.

A&A's Gretel--senior doe.  Our only doe from the Corliss purchase.  She is out of A&A's Hercules and A&A's Dot (a nice broken lynx).  This doe has two GC legs and is just waiting to be tested.

Di's Gretel--senior doe.  This doe is out of Boris, a true lynx.  She was part of the package of lynx we got from Dianne.  She is continuing to produce very nice true lynx kits for us including Gingerbread.

Di's Leasel--senior doe.  This doe got the third GC leg from the Portland show in November.  Very nice type and color.  Her banding is the best in the barn!  She is producing very nice kits for us including Dazzle.
EP's Sunstar--senior doe.  This doe is showing nice type and fur.  She is out of Stogie and Paradise.  Her first litter is due out of Nyet in March.
A&A's Prudence--nice senior doe, very nice fur.  We purchased this nice doe from Aimee & Abby Corliss, thank you!  She will make a nice addition to our breeding program.  Watch for her upcoming litters.
Wagoner's BT-Overdrive--senior buck.  He is a large, balanced buck we purchased from Bonny Wagoner.  He is the foundation of our sable point breeding program.  He consistently throws balanced, well typed kits with very nice fur.
Schak's SP9 (Cody)--senior buck.  We purchased this buck as part of a trio from Barbara Hanson, thank you Barbara.  His color is very clean.  He is a vienna carrier and has produced several Blue-Eyed Whites.  We are using this buck heavily to get our Sable Point program going quickly.
Barbara's BH Point--senior doe (GC pending).  This is Cody's daughter and one of the trio we purchased from Barbara Hanson.  She has received 4 GC legs and is now retired to breeding.  She is also a Vienna Carrier and produced a Blue-Eyed White in her first litter.  She is due again in March.
Wildriver's Maple--senior doe.  We got this cute little doe from Natalie Shobe of Wildriver Rabbitry...thank you, Natalie!  She has really clean color.  She couldn't beat our other two show does so we bred her to Cody and she is due in March.

Di's Caterina--Opal senior doe.  This nice little doe came from Dianne Gray--thanks Dianne!  She does not have correct opal color and does throw lynxes.  We will test her in our lynx lines.
EP's Sableye--Sable senior buck.  He is out of BTO and Charm, a black doe.  What a gorgeous color!  We have used him very little because we have enough Sable Point bucks.  We will hang onto him until we have a better typed Sable buck.
EP's Spoxee--Sable senior doe.  This doe is out of BTO and our black doe, Jager's Moxee.  Very nice typed and so far has produced several nice Sable Point kits for us, including EP's Mocs.
EP's Cuite--Sable senior doe.  Another doe out of BTO and Sarah's Gypsy, a black doe.  A very nice, tiny doe that we will use in our Sable Point breeding program.
Judon's Dust Storm--Black Tortoise senior buck.  This is an extremely nice buck we got from Don & Judy Atchison...THANK YOU!  We bred him to a very nice Black Himi doe, KT's Winter's Grace to improve our Sable Point program.  They produced a very nice litter of 3 black himis and 2 blacks.  We are keeping all but one of the blacks to use in our program.  Beautiful litter and they will be on the show table for the first time in Myrtle Point in March.
Charlee's Angels Nutmeg--Black Tortoise senior doe.  This is a really nice doe we got from Melanie & James of Luvable Bunnies.  Thank you James & Melanie for such a sweet bunny.  We are going to try and breed this doe again to KT's Iced, a really nice Black Himi buck.  The offspring will be used to improve our Sable Point lines.
LL's Pada--Black Tortoise senior doe.  This is a nice doe we got from Linda Cooper...thanks, Linda!  She is sired by LL's Paco (out of BTO) a Sable Point and LL's Jada, a black doe who also goes back to BTO.  She has already produced three very nice Sable Point kits out of Cody.  We have two, Coda and Paddy.  The third was purchased by Natalie of Wildriver Rabbitry.  It will be fun in Myrtle Point seeing all three of these kits on the table.  Pada has been bred back to BTO.

EP's Enchantress

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