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Elk Prairie Rabbits

Mini Rex For Sale

Mini Rex For Sale
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On this page I will list all of the Mini Rex I currently have for sale.  The dam and sire information can be found on my show string page or breeding program page.  If I don't have what you want right now, please check my upcoming litters.  I also usually have a few pet quality bunnies available.
Please contact me via telephone at (541)968-2165 or my e-mail at to purchase or reserve your rabbit. 

KT's Diamond Head - senior buck SOLD
  • GRAND CHAMPION! plus 100% GC Pedigree
  • proven producer of awesome type and fur
  • great type and fur!


EP's Stella - senior doe               $40

  • good fur
  • nice width
  • proven brood doe, good foster mother

She is molting terribly in her photo.  Will take another photo after she is done.  :)





SBR's Temperance - senior brood doe $40
  • proven producer
  • nice color, fur and type

She has been a very nice addition to my barn.  It is time for her to move on and improve other Lynx breeders stock.

EP's Tempist - senior brood doe $40
  • proven producer of very nice kits
  • nice color, fur and type

Her daughter pushed her out of the barn.  She produces small, typey kits.

EP's Jasper - junior buck             $35
  • tiny
  • good color

PENDING SALE ON THIS NICE BUCK!  Thank you, Treasure Bechtol!



Broken Black Otter
Judon's Hug - senior brood doe         SOLD!
  • proven producer, large litters
  • 100% otter producer bred to our Blacks

This doe came from Judy Atchison to help imrpove Blaine's lines. He is done with her now and she is ready to improve your lines!  I am so happy, this nice doe is going to live with Cathy B. of McMinnville!

Spoxee (Sable)/Wildriver's Mudslide (Sable)-dob 7/17.  1 Sable doe that will be used to possibly replace Spoxee as she is now four-years old.
GC Costa Rica/GC Angel's Duke's Legacy (Lilacs)-dob 7/17.  Two Lilac bucks to hit the show table soon.
GC LaRue's Despardos Legacy/Charlees Captain Morgan (Chinchillas)-dob 7/30.  1 Chinchilla doe and 1 Chinchilla buck.  Captain is out of Koelyn Hooper's lines.  These are two lighter colored kits compared to the rest of my Chins.
Katey (Broken Black)/GC Nebula (Lilac)-dob 7/30.  1 Broken Chocolate doe to be used with my Red lines to produce Broken Reds and 1 Black buck.
Ember (Black Tortoise)/Apache (Broken Black)-dob 8/25.  1 Black buck and 1 Broken Black buck.  Will be added into Blaine's show string.
GC Aliceva's Angel Frosty/Platinum (BEW)-dob 8/27.  1 BEW buck and one runt we are watching closely.
Midnight (Black)/Balder (Broken Black Tortoise)-dob 8/27.  1 Broken Black Tortoise doe which we have been waiting for to add into our breeding program.  She is looking really nice. 
Horn Rapids Amee (Opal)/ERR's Boah (Castor)-dob 8/27.  1 Opal doe to be used to create new Lynx lines.  This was the last litter from both of these two bunnies before they were culled.
Sybil (Broken Black)/Nebula (Lilac)-dob 9/13.  1 Broken Black doe SOLD already, 1 Broken Chocolate doe to be used to produce Broken Reds.  I have another Broken Chocolate doe, so I will be selling one of the Broken Chocolates.
These weanlings will be reviewed again at nine weeks and will be tattoed at that time.

Livinia (Broken Chinchilla)/GC LaRue's Zeddicus Z'ul Zorander (Chinchilla)-dob 9/18.  2 Chinchillas, 1 Broken Chinchilla, YAY!    Trying to get our Broken Chinchilla line going a little faster.
GC Costa Rica/GC Nebula (Lilacs)-dob 9/18.  2 Lilac kits.  Two nice Grand Champions producing more Grand Champions?
Katey (Broken Black)/Coal (Black)-dob 9/23.  5 kits.  This cross produced Blaine's top doe, EP's Quinlan who won Best in Show (Youth) in Redmond 2010.

Noti OR 97461 *** (541)968-2165
25 miles west of Eugene